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CAS2 - Collision Avoidance System

presentation SAC2

The Collision Avoidance System (CAS) minimises the risks of collision between forklifts.


The Collision Avoidance System (CAS) cautions forklift drivers of the presence of another truck within distances between 3-25 metres.

A PAS (Pedestrian Alert System) AC-50’s activator is installed in each of the forklifts to detect each other.
When a forklift detects another forklift in its safety zone, the driver is immediately warned about the potential risk.


Detection of pedestrians in the forklift’s proximity.
Easy implementation by local distributor or installer.
Durable and robust system’s components.
Applicable to all types of industrial vehicles.


RFID activator.
Detection Antennas - 2 units: front and rear.
Indicator light – a beacon indicating when a pedestrian is located within the risk zone of the truck.
Test-tag – an active device which ensures the correct functioning of the system.
Driver inhibitor – it overrides the detecting abilities of the driver when inside the vehicle.
Personal tag – it protects pedestrians from being run over by forklifts or other commercial vehicles.
Tag verification antenna – a device used to check and record the proper functioning of RFID tags and batteries.


Loading and unloading zones.
Poor visibility areas at junctions between pedestrians and forklifts.
Areas with high forklift traffic.